This transformational work needs to be shared and it's an honor to be the ones to do it. You can be healthy and happy postpartum. We believe in reaching as many families across the world as we possibly can with that message.


Your Postpartum Planning Course is a safe space for you and your family. It's a chance to clear the noise and your schedule to dive into planning for the most important season of your life.

It's a time that is all yours. An opportunity to create the plan for the happiest, healthiest version of yourself, which is what's necessary to have a happy and healthy baby and family.

Who was the Healing Home Course created for?

We mindfully crafted each piece of the Course for moms, dads and partners that are embarking on a journey of parenthood. If you are a first time parent, second or third time parent, adoptive parent or just considering having a baby, then this course is designed for YOU.

What's included on Your Journey with Us?

  • 15 Expert-guided postpartum planning video experiences
  • Introductory postpartum masterclass
  • Your integrative postpartum planning journal
  • Your collaborative couples' workbook
  • Our "wish we had" postpartum plans
  • Your personal template for your own postpartum lan
  • Lifetime access to everything


What others are saying...

"It was really important to hear about the changes for parents postpartum, physically and mentally. It's not talked about a lot and when it is, it's not often a full picture or how to feel supported. Having a plan and shared language with my partner will be such a help going into postpartum. "

"I am already thinking of people I would like to gift this course to who are preparing for a baby. Having had four babies, I know what a beautiful and hard phase that postpartum can be. I would have benefited so much from this course and the resources Annie and Priya offer. Though my partner and I talked a lot about how we wanted to raise our kids, we didn't spend a lot of time thinking about how we would manage that first year, when the transition is the most fresh. It can be really hard to communicate what you need in the moment when you don't have a lot of uninterrupted time to talk and you're snippy because you haven't gotten enough sleep. Everyone benefits from having the words to talk about these topics and a plan that you can put into motion as soon as it's needed. As a society, we have a way to go to support parents but this course is such an essential step forward. "